Two Hawks Ranch
Annette & Grant Carey
(719) 210-9042
15120 HWY 83
Larkspur, Colorado 80118

Premium Horse Boarding in Larkspur, Colorado

About Two Hawks Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado

About Two Hawks Ranch

Two Hawks Ranch, located on Highway 83 in Larkspur, Colorado near Monument, is owned and operated by Annette and Grant Carey.

Our Staff

Here at Two Hawks Ranch we respect that you as an owner have invested a great deal to own one or more horses. For that reason our team has made it their mission to make sure that your investment will pay off as best we can. The high ideals and standards here at Two Hawks Ranch did not come about by accident, but has derived from the sum of principles that our team has built throughout the many years we have worked with horses and people.

Through our ranch, we work each day to improve the conditions for the horses, their owners and riders. This means; from frequent cleaning of the stalls, to the construction of our facilities, to the choice of staff, we include all the important elements of creating the best environment for your horse and you.

Our team is made up by professionals who enjoy life without ever compromising professionalism. We all share the understanding and love for horses and are all dedicated to ensure that your goals with your horses can be met no matter how high your goals are.

At Two Hawks Ranch it's okay to dream. We are convinced that you will look at us as the aces in your hand throughout our teamwork, from our instructors and horse trainers who makes sure that your horse (and let’s admit it: also you) will take part in the best experience that we can offer to our dedicated staff who daily makes sure that our facilities are in the best possible condition for your use.

With our team, we have created an open, friendly, fun environment where we all take part in the success and where communication between horse, rider and instructor ensures that you will reach your goals.